About Last Snow

Last Snow is an alternative/dark hard rock band hailing from the abandoned tunnels beneath St. Paul, MN. They are composed of Bassist/Vocalist Kay Trust, Drummer/Vocalist Tony Frascone, and Guitarist/Vocalist David J. Last Snow features raw melodic hard rock with front and center bass playing, and they aim to return rock music to a time of being raw and emotional. A time when you could hear the humanity in the band instead of the perfect overproduced top 40 sound that has engulfed so much of the rock genre. Wandering and lost in the night, Last Snow explores the darkness with a hope for the future.

Kay Trust


Kay Trust is the Lead singer and bassist for Last Snow. He has played guitar and bass in several bands over the years. Most notably, he has played with Dropstereo and Rudy Mental & The Basics.

David Jay


David Jay is the lead guitarist of Last Snow

Tony Frascone


Tony Frascone is the Drummer for Last Snow. He has been playing since 1986 and has appeared in several local bands including Grindhouse.